Hello. This is Adrian2040N

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    Hello. This is Adrian2040N

    Post by Adrian2040 on Tue Jul 19, 2011 5:29 pm

    I'm Adrian2040N, also known in other places (Such as GameFAQs) as simply adrian2040. I decided to develop this game after feeling backstabbed by Capcom. Having waited 10 years for an announcement, I was happy when it was finally announced at Comic Con. They even hyped the project with the Dev Room. But now... You know what happened. I decided to start making the game myself, together with the fans as developers and/or as supporters. We will listen to our fans suggestions and try to implement as much as possible.

    I would post in every introduction topic directly, but since I started this project things have started going too fast. I'm trying to respond to many questions and applications as fast as I can.

    Anyway, thank you all.

    May the MegaMan Legends series live forever!


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