Happy 24th Birthday MegaMan!

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    Happy 24th Birthday MegaMan!  Empty Happy 24th Birthday MegaMan!

    Post by Adrian2040 on Mon Dec 19, 2011 4:31 am

    Also: Happy 14th Birthday to RockMan Dash.

    After much trouble, I was able to get back on my computer again. The people that know me knows that I tend to give huge speeches. I wasn't planning on making one this time, but after having lost a lot of time due to this computer affair I guess I could make an exception.

    MegaMan has been with us for a long time. In fact, MegaMan is approximately 5 years older than me, despite the first game's setting being in 2006. (Hey Light, we want our robots now!) While the first game didn't catch a lot of the gamers' attention back in its release, the 2nd one was able to hit the jackpot. Thus, the spike in the Blue Bomber's career began.

    A lot of people can say that MegaMan was as exploited as Street Fighter II. I believe it's true, but who can blame Capcom for using their existing assets in order to make a new game? 6 MegaMan games were made for the NES. All of them had similar gameplay mechanics, level layout, story and style. All of them were good games, but it started to grow old. MegaMan fought for everlasting peace, but Wily fought for everlasting attempts to... conquer the world. There was one way to take Wily out of the equation, though not completely, and revive a franchise that was becoming so stale that one of the games was published in the US by Nintendo themselves. (Capcom didn't want to bring MM6 to the US as the SNES was going to be released soon.)

    That's when MegaMan X appeared! It started perfectly. And amazing battle level where you thought like crazy. They taught you instinctively to charge your buster and wall jump. You felt overpowered after having played the classics. What happened next? You fought Vile and he destroyed you. You felt strong, only to find out you were weak. Income Zero! He dashed through and immobilize Vile with one charged shot. He then tells you that you are weak, but with training you can become as strong, or even stronger than him. Your mind is blown. You continue to fight through all of the levels until, finally you battle Vile again in your search for Sigma. Zero has been incapacitated. But guess what? You are even stronger than him thanks to your upgrades and new attacks. You proceed to go to the final boss after beating Vile and fight a huge match to beat the game. Yet, it was only the beginning. In each of the following games you would become even more powerful. (Especially your Buster, which was amazingly stronger through each game.) There's even a plot-twist which's full potential still hasn't been unleashed, which is that Zero was made by Wily. MegaMan 7 for the SNES and MegaMan 8 for the PSOne were also released in attempts to update the old saga, but fans didn't like the new "floaty" engine and the graphics.

    It was time for diversification. MegaMan Zero was made for a full portable console. It had everything X had, but it tried to be bigger. More weapons, connected areas, side-quests and more. It also had an amazing story that had enough tension to make you want to go through the whole game from beginning to end. Let's take into account that these games were (At least for most people) extremely hard. Let's not forget about MegaMan Battle Network. That game wasn't a platformer, but it was huge hit (Especially in Japan) for one reason other than being a "MegaMan" game: It was really good. It managed to combine the use of strategy (Battle Chips) with Action RPG style, while having a big, understandable plot. It was shunned by some people, but a lot of their opinions where changed once they tried it.

    But let's not forget of one other diversification. The one that joined all (If not, most) of us in here: MegaMan Legends. It was released before the other two I mentioned, and it was really good. It was actually ahead of its time. It used a style that its commonly seen in today's games: Cinematic Style. The game was focused mostly in story and the game aided us into finishing the game so we could know all of the story. However, the gameplay was still great. It combined Action RPG elements with the classic Jump, Dash and Shoot Platforming Design, now on 3D!!! (I had to.) It spawned a sequel and a major spin-off. However, gamers weren't searching for stories at those times (Especially Japanese gamers), at least outside of RPGs, so the games didn't sell very much. I won't continue talking about this since all of us know what happened later.

    After these we had "Advanced" versions of the diversifications. We had MegaMan ZX which was the DS version of MegaMan Zero. We also had MegaMan Star Force as the DS version of MegaMan Battle Network. The same rules applied to these when it came to gameplay and audience. Things were starting to become stale until those days...

    Before talking about those days, I'll remind you of MegaMan 9. It was released because the fans wanted it. It was simply amazing. It used the same, very basic formula. Just go through the stages and defeat all of the 8 Robot Masters and eventually the Wily Stages plus Wily himself. They even tried to dumb it down a bit by taking MegaMan's charged buster and Rush Armor. That's when everyone noticed that simple is better than complex. They even went ahead and tried to add graphical "glitchy" modes so it would look more like a true NES game. The game was cheap to make and was sold for a low price, so it sold quickly and Capcom earned a good amount of profit from it. Thus, Capcom decided to make MM10 in the same way and ... the same thing happened. I bet that they might make MM11 at some point, or at least MMX9. Now, back to the story of those days...

    A miracle had happened! RockMan Online was announced: A MMX Action MMORPG! MegaMan Universe was also announced: A create your own MegaMan Game! And best of all: MegaMan Legends 3! People were happy for some months, until things started to grow apart. MegaMan Universe was cancelled (Apparently because it was not fun or something similar) and... MegaMan Legends 3 was cancelled without any exact reason being given. Capcom even told us that the MML3 Prototype Version's sale would determine if the game was greenlit, but this was cancelled too. After this, people started forgetting about RockMan Online. (Which had few updates, especially in comparison to MML3, and is going to be Korean-Only.)

    People felt betrayed. Tears fell everywhere. People felt anger beyond belief. That was the day were I, together with a lot of people, stood up. That's when everything changed and a hard battle started to save MegaMan Legends 3. A lot of people started to work on different projects. All of them have had different goals and dreams, but they are all now, without any discrimination, connected by one campaign and, essentially, one goal. This goal is to retrieve what Capcom took away from us after tempting us with it for far too long. Some people say that they want to bring back MegaMan from the moon but, let's all be honest in here. What we are trying to bring back is a game, dear to us, back into development. We are trying to save MegaMan Legends 3 and, together with it, the whole franchise's reputation.

    Thank you for reading.

    Happy 24th Birthday MegaMan!  Adrian

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