I would like to clear some things up.

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    I would like to clear some things up.

    Post by Adrian2040 on Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:09 pm

    First of all: I would like to apologize once again for barely updating the forums. Most of the development have been done on Skype, so we barely come back to check on new stuff.


    Second: I would like to thank all of our active developers. Development right now is better than ever and soon we will be reaching our first milestone. Not only that, but in some areas we may have already surpassed the limits of the milestone. Since I never posted our milestone in the forums, I will do so right now. Here it is:

    -Title Menu
    -Selectable Options
    -Servbot Animation

    -3D Art
    -One NPC
    -One Reaverbot
    -One Servbot (For Title Menu)
    -Overall Map
    -Working Ruin (Enter-able and Exit-able)

    -Sound Effects
    -Basic Attacks

    -Barrett Animation
    -Still Position
    -Buster Gun
    -Downwards Fire Kick
    -Punching Single
    -Punching Combo

    -Reaverbot Animation
    -Still Position
    -Attacked Animation

    -NPC Animation
    -Still Position
    -Talking Animation
    -Happy Animation
    -Sad Animation

    -Buster Gun
    -Sprint on Walls
    -Downwards Fire Kick
    -Collision System
    -Controllable Camera
    -Lock-On (Reaverbot Target)
    -Lock-On Ground Camera
    -Lock-On Aerial Camera
    -Lock-On Shooting Camera
    -Lock-On Sprinting Camera
    -Lock-On Downwards Fire Kick Camera
    -Lock-On Dashing Camera
    -Working Door
    -Reaverbot Collision System for Obstacles
    -Reaverbot Collision System when Shot.
    -Reaverbot Collision System when Punched.
    -Reaverbot Collision System when Kicked.
    -Conversation with NPC.
    -Yes or No Effects when Talking with NPC.


    Third: I would like to mention some changes in our ranks. First of all, PixelSprite is now the DASH 3D Artist. Congratulations to devillock for being our new Lead 3D Artist and darkxcalibur for being our new Lead Programmer. They have all been working efficiently for months now and I should delay the news in the forums no longer.


    And to finish this, I urger everyone who still hasn't done so to join the Skype meetings. While they are officially done on Tuesday at 7 P.M. GMT-5 (No Daylight Time Savings Applied), normally you can find the main developers online to talk to if needed.

    I would like to stress, just in case, that no microphones or webcams are being used on Skype. Thus, there has never been a need to use them and most probably we won't use them in the future.


    Thank you for reading this and thanks for your help with this project.

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    Re: I would like to clear some things up.

    Post by PhantomKirin on Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:57 am

    I'm sorry for asking this here, but what is the Reaverbot that you guys used for testing?
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    Re: I would like to clear some things up.

    Post by LordGarza on Thu Aug 16, 2012 8:44 am

    Well, it seems I'm back in this then!

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    Re: I would like to clear some things up.

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