Free Online Unity Courses. Could be useful, maybe?

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    Free Online Unity Courses. Could be useful, maybe? Empty Free Online Unity Courses. Could be useful, maybe?

    Post by Krotar on Mon Feb 27, 2012 2:35 pm

    Sorry I haven't been around to help at all. Classes are hitting me hard with all kinds of back-to-back-to-back projects.

    Anyway, I just got an e-mail from a classmate, which he sent to the entire game design department. I haven't the time to really look into it (I have a zoo simulation to make for next week and another assignment due thursday and-blugh. You get the idea). Plus I already have an okay handle on the basics of Unity. But maybe some folks here don't and want to? Anyway, here's the e-mail:

    Hey folks, just saw this and thought I'd throw it on here in case anyone might be interested in a quick run-around of the Unity game engine. Here's the link to the page: The times listed on the page are in GMT, but the next two classes are at 3:30pm our time on Wednesday and Friday. They are intro classes that should take you through the editor and go over basic concepts and by the end you create a little mini-game from what you learn.
    By "our time", he means mid-west US. Probably should clear that up. Anyway, hope this is helpful to at least someone.

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